mardi 19 juillet 2011

Jupiter Vs Kassav - Kass Limon EP

  Kitsuné nous a fait parvenir un nouveau single de Jupiter il y a peu dont voici la description.

"The mix between trendy Parisian duo Jupiter and Caribbean legendary zouk band Kassav was all but predictable. But this is when you don’t know about Jupiter’s passion for retro hits and everything that’s shiny and glittery! 

After making official remixes for Anoraak, Metronomy or Two Door Cinema Club and having seek into Japanese influences for their track “Saké”, Jupiter is revisiting with their bubbly electro-disco sound one the greatest zouk songs of all time. 

We bet it’s going to be a summer hit and that you won’t get enough of it ! "

Jupiter vs Kassav - Kass Limon


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