mercredi 25 juillet 2012

Saint Lou Lou - Maybe You EP

"Bouncing between the long cold winters of Stockholm and the happy-go-lucky beaches of Sydney, it's no wonder there’s a striking contrast infusing their sound, between retro disco and futuristic pop.Their debut single “Maybe You” is a chill, dreamwave track that floats along and for sure will be pulled in. 

A few select live appearances are set for 2012 including Sweden’s Popaganda festival and a debut show in London, it looks like the twins sisters may be the autumn next big thing. The package also contains four exclusive remixes by the Miami Horror’s drummer Good Night Keaton, the Canadian CFCF and the Parisians Oxford & Le Crayon and Py! ramid, all revealed by outstanding remixes on the latest Maison Kitsuné’s compilations. An EP that will be listened to from any side of the world for sure! "

Les soeurs jumelles de Saint Lou Lou sotiront leur album sur la maison Kitsune le vendredi 27 août. En attendant de pouvoir écouter l'EP dans son intégralité, voici un minimix de l'album.


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