dimanche 10 juin 2012

XXXChange - Backbeat EP

"Alex Brandy Epton aka XXXChange, is a Brooklyn-based musician / producer / dj who garnered attention for his work with Spank Rock. Twisting and tweaking electro-infused hip-hop and UK bass beyond ravey recognition, he’s funked up Björk, Thom York, TV on the Radio, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kele, Lily Allen, Kylie… 

XXXChange is a cold killer when it comes to making body-shaking beats. Featuring two electro slashing tracks, his new EP “Backbeat” is a demonstration of that. “F*k Yeah Ace Of Hearts” which is featured on Kitsuné AMERICA and “Backbeat” are built on psychedelic and dancey beats with a bit song structure. 

Unlike most producers, XXXChange believes that melodic elements are secondary and lets the drums build on the re! st of the track. His productions let us in his bass-making secrets! " by La Maison Kitsune et ça sort le 6 juillet


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