samedi 3 septembre 2011

The Magician ft Jeppe - I Don't Know What To Do EP

"The Magician releases his long awaited debut solo release featuring Danish singer Jeppe Laursen out October 3rd on Kitsuné.
The Magician aka Stephen Fasano, formerly of Aeroplane fame delves into his eclectic bag of tricks and conjures up a stunning debut single in the form of 'I Don't Know What to Do', out on the legendary Kitsuné this autumn. Featuring the vocals of rising star, Jeppe Laursen, this devilishly tasty record showcases some of the finest remixes around including re-workings by Fabian, Plastic Plates and Second Date.
The success of 'Twist' released with Yuksek aka Peter in Peter & The Magician, being played out across clubland this summer has contributed to The Magician's meteoric rise. 'I Don’t Know What to Do' is a pure piano disco-house jewel enlightened by Jeppe’s voice. The club mix and the remixes by Fabian and Plastic Plates, are punchy electronic excursions and are perfect peak time club bangers."

Sortie de l'EP le 3 octobre, en attendant voici la preview.


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